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ScaleDogs » Scale Dogs – A bird’s eye view of our Guide dog training centre (2/2)

Scale Dogs – A bird’s eye view of our Guide dog training centre (2/2)

Real working life with the visual impaired person
Once a dog has mastered all the skills a reliable guide dog needs, the final training can be completed. This comprises all skills the dog will need in order to work efficiently with a specific user. If, for example. the new user lives in the city, extra attention will be paid to public transport and complicated crossings. When living in the country, the guide dog will spend extra time practising how to guide on roads without a footpath.
A good match between a dog and its potential user is crucial. After all, they have to work together as a team for many years to come. A lot of attention is paid to making the best combination of dog and owner in terms of characteristics like personality, needs, activity levels, and gait.
The novice guide dog user is taught how to work with the guide dog during a four-week training period, tailor-made to suit his or her specific needs and wishes, under the guidance of a trained instructor.  This training takes place entirely in the living and, if applicable, in the working environment of the visually impaired person.
Of course, it doesn’t end there. Every guide dog user can count on after-care and 24-hour support from Scale Dogs. Our after-care includes home visits and guide dog users can contact us with any questions or problems

What is the price of a Guide Dog?
The purchase, care and training of a guide dog represents an important investment. The number of hours spent by an instructor to train the dog and the “handler-guide dog” couple is very important. This means that one instructor can train about 4 dogs per year and that the cost of a guide dog is more or less 17.500 euro.
The visually impaired person receives the dog free of charge. However, the average financial help given by the funds for disabled people,  such as AWIPH for Wallonia, Cocof for Brussels and Vlaams Agentschap for the Dutch speaking part of Belgium,  only intervenes for more or less half of the cost of a guide dog and this, only if the beneficiary is recognised by one of those institutions.
Without the help of volunteers, such as the puppy walkers who take care of our puppies during one year, the price of a guide dog would be twice as high. This means Scale Dogs is always looking for companies and volunteers ready to help.

We need your help
A donation to Scale Dogs can be made by bank transfer to:
Account n° 001-2623802-28
IBAN: BE37 0012 6238 0228

All donations as of 40 euro are tax deductible.
Scale Dogs is constantly looking for partnerships with schools, companies, services clubs or individual people with a heart for those who need assistance in their daily mobility. If you would like to exchange ideas about how you can set up a partnership with Scale Dogs or if you require more information on our activities, please call Marianne Slingerland on 0473 30 24 27 or send an e-mail to